Another Big Win for Pietz Law Firm – C.D. Cal. Patrick Collins

Hot of the presses, Judge Selna issued an Order today (11/13/2012) in the Central District of California Patrick Collins cases granting the motion to sever and quash filed by The Pietz Law Firm on behalf of its John Doe clients.

This is another one of several recent big wins for The Pietz Law Firm in these kinds of cases.  Slowly but surely, the California courts are coming around and refusing to allow mass Doe copyright infringements lawsuits to proceed so easily.

This order is important because, like a recent ruling from Judge Huff in the Southern District of California Patrick Collins cases, it recognizes that on the Ninth Circuit only a “very definite logical relationship” is sufficient to support joinder, and the “swarm joinder” theory establishes only an indefinite logical relationship.

If you are being targeted by Patrick Collins, Inc., give The Pietz Law Firm a call.


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