Carribean Cruise Line Class Action – Jennifer and the “Qualified Travellers”

Have you recently received a phone call to your cell phone from “Caribbean Cruise Line” from a recorded female voice that identifies itself as Jennifer?  If so, your rights under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act may have been violated and you may be entitled to damages of $500 to $1500 per call.

The usual message people are receiving typically sounds like this:

“Hi, this is Jennifer with Caribbean Cruise Line, can you hear me ok?  The reason for my call is because we’re looking for qualified travelers, such as yourself, to occupy unused cabin space aboard our magnificent cruise liner.”  The call also typically says that its being recorded and tries to make you answer questions for Robot Jennifer before you can talk to a sales agent.

If you call back, sometimes you get put on hold with music.

If you recently received one of these calls, The Pietz Law Firm would like to hear from you.

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