Copyright Infringement Cases

Pietz Law firm has been lead counsel on several important copyright infringement cases.

Many of these copyright infringement cases involve so called “copyright trolls” who sue Internet users for downloading content (often pornography) using the BitTorrent protocol.

The Pietz Law Firm has represented clients sued by many of the following plaintiffs:


A company called RightsCorp has been calling and/or “robo-calling” individuals to notify them that their internet account has broken federal laws. In some cases individuals will receive a letter from their internet provider saying that their service is being terminated due to copyright infringement. Has this or anything similar happened to you? Read more

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Malibu Media, LLC

Malibu Media, LLC is a pornographic film company that has been filing massive class action lawsuits against unnamed defendants. Malibu Media alleges that these defendants used BitTorrent software to unlawfully download and store Malibu Media’s pornographic films on their personal devices.  Read more

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Warner Bros.

In July 2012, Warner Bros. started suing individual defendants in copyright infringement suits relating to counterfeit copy of popular DVD titles from the Warner Bros. film and television library. If you have recently been served with a Warner Bros. Subpoena a company like Pietz Law with a rich background in in copyright infringement cases can help you explore your options. Read more

Voltage Pictures

Voltage Pictures is a California based international sales, finance, and production company founded in 2005. Voltage typically attempts to unfairly leverage settlements from internet subscribers by exploiting the court’s subpoena power coupled with the infringer’s embarrassment of being a named defendant in a pornography associated lawsuit. This is a common tactic in “copyright troll” litigation.  Read more

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Purzel Video GMBH

Purzel Video GMBH is a California pornographic film company operating from Vielsdorf, Germany.  Purzel has filed several cases in federal court in the Northern District of Illinois alleging that various defendants have used their Internet Service Provider along with BitTorrent software to illegally access and download Purzel’s pornographic content. If you have been contacted by Purzel or your internet provider Read more

Third Degree Films

Third Degree Films is a California based pornographic film studio founded in 2002 by Joey Wilson.  Third Degree Films is yet another pornographic film company that began pursuing copyright infringement “settlement” lawsuits using abusive and predatory litigation tactics.  These tactics involve exploiting the use of the court’s subpoena power, and the negative association of the defendants being linked to pornography. Read more

Patrick Collins, Inc.

Patrick Collins, Inc. is an adult entertainment company that recently began filing hundreds of frivolous copyright infringement suits against unnamed defendants.  In each suit, Patrick Collins alleges that these defendants used the BitTorrent software to unlawfully download and store Patrick Collins’ pornographic films on their personal devices. Similar to other copyright infringement cases, Partick Collins also uses bully tactics Read more