Guava, LLC + Prenda Law

12/27/12 Update: Two Guava lawsuits have been generating a lot of activity lately:

Guava, LLC v. Spencer Merkel, pending in Hennepin County, Minnesota, 27-cv-12-20976.  The Pietz Law Firm is referring clients calling about this case to an attorney in Minnesota.

Guava LLC v. Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, pending in St. Clair County, Illinois, No. 12-MR-417.  Objections in this case are due by January 25, 2013 and there is a hearing set for John Does who file motions on February 23, 2013.  My understanding is that for any Doe who does not file an objection, a response to the subpoena will be made by Comcast within a few days of the objection deadline.  In other words, if you do not file a motion, Prenda is going to get your name.

Guava, LLC is another attempt by Prenda Law to coerce improper “settlements” from ISP subscribers. As we have highlighted in other posts, Prenda Law is notorious for filing these types of lawsuits, including those on behalf of Lightspeed Media Corporation. Although at this time there is little known about Guava, LLC, it is clear the motivation behind the Guava lawsuits is to exploit the use of a court’s subpoena power, and the stigma tied to adult entertainment, to win settlements from Internet subscribers.

If you think you may be involved with the Guava lawsuit, have been issued a Guava subpoena, or have received a letter from Prenda Law or its founding partner Paul A.Duffy, please give The Pietz Law Firm a call. We have handled several similar cases,we understand what you are going through, and our firm is dedicated to helping you fight back to protect your rights.

Many of the Guava cases have started out in state court.  Here is a list of the federal Guava cases:

case_title case_no court_id
Guava, LLC v. Doe 3:2012-cv-01435 ctdce
GUAVA, LLC v. JOHN DOE 1:2012-cv-01661 dcdce
Guava, LLC v. Does 1-5 1:2012-cv-08000 ilndce
Guava, LLC v. Doe 1:2012-cv-11880 madce