Malibu Media Lawsuit

Malibu Media, LLC (“Malibu Media”) is a pornographic film company that is a leading proponent in filing massive class action lawsuits against unnamed “John Doe” defendants.  In each suit, Malibu Media alleges that these nameless defendants used the software BitTorrent to unlawfully download and store Malibu Media’s pornographic films on their devices.  Typically, Patrick Collins attempts to exploit the court’s subpoena power coupled with the embarrassment of being a named defendant in a lawsuit associated with pornography, to unfairly leverage “settlements” from Internet subscribers who may or may not unlawfully downloaded and/or accessed the pornographic films at issue.  Unfortunately, the threat of pending litigation can be burdensome and costly, and innocent defendants tend to choose the “settlement” path instead of fight.  These defendants would rather not incur the ghastly expense of copyright litigation or face the potential embarrassment of fighting the case through various levels of the court system in hopes to reach a favorable judgment.  Instead, they “settle” by “feeding the troll” a few thousand dollars to make the case go away and spare their name while being wrangled by these “copyright trolls.”

To make matters worse, Malibu Media surreptitiously geo-locates their defendants based on affluent zip codes.  Malibu Media scours the Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) addresses of those who have unlawfully accessed and/or downloaded their content, and based on where the ISP address originates from on the map, Malibu Media then preys on these users hoping they will have deep pockets to reap from in a settlement.  Malibu Media does not fully investigate who actually illegally accessed their content, and instead blindly accuses the subscriber of the IP address in the household or business without verifying who actually took the content.  This can leave many  innocent “John Doe” defendants being blamed for something they did not do, and now must suffer through trying  litigation.

If you received a notice from your ISP, or if Malibu Media’s representatives are attempting to contact you directly, please call The Pietz Law Firm.  With a rich background and understanding of copyright infringement, we are experts in handling these types of predatory copyright cases. We have aided many clients in similar situations by successfully  their dismissing their cases and by relieving much unnecessary stress.  Also, please consult this article about your options in these BitTorrent lawsuits for further information regarding these copyright infringement suits.