Update on Malibu Media Eastern Distrcit of California

October 10, 2012 Update: It appears the same approach is being taken in all the cases.  The Order just came down for the case that was briefed by The Pietz Law Firm and the Ranallo Law Office, 12-cv-1260.  Between this and the big news from the Central District of California Malibu Media cases, it has been a good week for the John Does in California.

October 9, 2012 Update: Big news, the Magistrate Judge assigned to all of the Malibu Media cases in the Eastern District, Hon. Dale A. Drozd, has just issued an order reconsidering and vacating a prior order authorizing early discovery.  A copy of the Order And Findings and Reccomendations, which, so far, applies to only a single case 12-cv-2480-JAM-DAD, is yet another win for the Does in California.  Hopefully similar orders will soon be entered in the other Eastern District Malibu Media cases.

Attorney Nicholas Ranallo, of Ranallo Law Office, and Morgan Pietz, of The Pietz Law Firm, recently filed a Combined Reply in support of their respective motions to quash and sever, in a Malibu Media case where they both represent different clients in the Eastern District of California, 12-cv-1260.   Hearing set for September 27, 2012.

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