Patrick Collins Southern District of California – Pietz Law Firm Makes Appearance

The Pietz Law Firm is now representing clients being sued by Patrick Collins, Inc. in lawsuits filed in the Southern District of California.  Per usual, Patrick Collins did not file any Notices of Related Cases when it filed its complaints, so The Pietz Law Firm is in the process of attempting to get the cases related and transferred to the same Judge.  To that end, the Firm filed a Notice of Related Cases on September 21, 2012.  In addition, the Firm has also made an appearance on behalf of one client so far, to file a Motion to Quash and Sever in a case pending before Judge Bencivengo (at least for now).

If you have gotten a letter from your ISP about  a subpoena that was issued because Patrick Collins has filed a lawsuit, and the IP address is “associated” with your account, please give The Pietz Law Firm a call.  For more information on Patrick Collins or Malibu Media check out this useful primer written by attorney Morgan E. Pietz.

Here is a list of the case numbers (note, the judge’s initials at the end my change) for the Patrick Collins lawsuits:







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