Pietz Law Firm Files Motion to Quash and Ex Parte Application in Malibu Media Case

As of July 19, 2012, The Pietz Law Firm has filed a comprehensive Motion to Quash on behalf of its clients in the Central District of California who are currently being sued by Malibu Media, LLC.

The filings are a one-two punch asking the Court to (1) make sure no information is turned over until the Court can decide the key issues, and (2) seeking to quash the subpoenas and sever all Does other than Doe No. 1.

As shown in the motion to quash, in particular Exhibit E, Malibu Media appears to have filed 35 lawsuits nationwide that are over 120 days old as of July 17, 2012.  120 days is the normal deadline for service of process.  In these 35 cases, Malibu Media has sued 633 John Does.  Based on the research performed by The Pietz Law Firm, it has been determined that Malibu Media has formally served precisely zero of the 633 John Does it has sued in these 35 cases.

If you recently received a letter from Malibu Media about a lawsuit filed in California, please feel free to give The Pietz Law Firm a call to discuss.

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