Pietz Law Firm Now Representing Client in Lightspeed Media Corporation (Prenda) Password Hacking Lawsuit

The Pietz Law Firrm recently made an appearance, filing a demurrer and a CCP 1030 motion on behalf of a client being sued by Lightspeed Media Corporation in Los Angeles Superior Court.  As explained in more detail at Fightcopyrighttrolls.com, which has a page on the Lightpseed Password Hacking Lawsuits, (this case is one of them) this case is a new twist on Prenda’s business model.  Prenda is now naming and serving individual defendants in state court, alleging claims for violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as several state law claims (which are all preempted by the Copyright Act).

On behalf of its individual client, the lead defendant, Pietz Law firm filed a Demurrer and a Motion to Require Plaintiff to Furnish Undertaking, per CCP 1030, to secure payment of attorneys’ fees.

Have you gotten a letter from “Prenda Law” or Brett Gibbs or John Steele?  If so, The Pietz Law Firm can help.  Give us a call.

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