Pietz Law Firm Now Representing Clients Sued by Patrick Collins, Inc. in California

As of August 15, 2012, The Pietz Law Firm has begun representing clients who have been sued by Patrick Collins, Inc. in the State of California.

Like Malibu Media, LLC, Patrick Collins, Inc. is another plaintiff that has been very active this year filing so-called copyright troll lawsuits.

The Malibu Media cases and the Patrick Collins cases are similar in many ways, although there may be some differences.

As an initial matter, as the Firm did with Malibu Media, the Firm has insisted that Patrick Collins, Inc. comply with its duty under the Central District’s Notice of Related Cases Rule.

If you have gotten a letter from your ISP about a lawsuit by Patrick Collins, or if you are being contacted by Patrick Collins directly, contact attorney Morgan E. Pietz to explore your options.

If you need more information about subpoena defense in the Malibu Media lawsuits you can find lots more information on the Malibu Media page of this website.

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