Prince v. Chodera – Prince Sues His Fans

Prince is well-known in the music industry for being *very* protective of how his music is shared by his fans.  In a new lawsuit, Prince v. Chodera, N.D. Cal. No. 14-273-EDL (complaint) the Artist has taken a slightly new approach to suing his fans, targeting the people behind Google Blogger and Facebook fan pages.  This case is similar to some of the copyright infringement cases we have seen in the past brought by the RIAA, but there are also some key differences.  The twist here is that this is not about direct file sharing, rather it involves linking to content available on download sites.

UPDATE 1/28/14: So that was fast.  The suit has already been voluntarily dismissed by Prince.  The dismissal is without prejudice, which means Prince can re-file.

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