Privacy Policy

OUR COMMITMENT TO PRIVACY: The privacy and the security of the personal information you provide is important to us. For that reason, The Pietz Law Firm (the “firm”) has adopted the following privacy policy for the website, the home page for which can be located at (the “website”).

THE INFORMATION WE COLLECT: We’ve made every attempt to collect as little information as possible from you via the website. Before you send the firm any information, including information that can identify you as a specific individual, such as your name, phone number, or email address (“personal information”), through the email address (the only means to submit information to the firm using the website itself) or by other means, you should review the Legal Notices that accompany this Privacy Policy.

HOW WE USE PERSONAL INFORMATION: Generally, we would only use your personal information for the purposes of evaluating whether or not to represent you, possibly in exploring referral options, and/or in actually representing you (provided the firm, at its sole discretion, first agrees to represent you pursuant to a separate, express, written retention agreement signed by you and the firm). However, the firm and its agents may also aggregate certain personal information for the purpose of tracking and analyzing the performance of the website. The firm will not intentionally sell, rent, give-away, barter, trade or in any way misappropriate your personal information. The firm may also disclose or report your personal information when it believes, in good faith, that the disclosure is required or permitted under law, for example, to cooperate with regulators or law enforcement authorities or to resolve consumer disputes.

OUR COMMITMENT TO DATA SECURITY: The firm makes reasonable efforts to protect your personal information, including by limiting your ability to transmit personal information over the website. The Internet is both convenient and inherently insecure. If you wish to share information with the firm, including personal information, that is confidential or sensitive, then you should consider not transmitting it to the firm via the Internet. However, if you do choose to transmit information to the firm using the Internet, then you also expressly authorize the firm to respond to you in the same manner.

HOW TO ACCESS OR CORRECT YOUR INFORMATION: Unless you have initiated an email to from the website, or otherwise contacted the firm in a manner separate from the website, the firm likely will not have any of your personal information. If you credibly believe the firm has collected your personal information, and wish to access it, correct it, or receive a report on how it is shared with third parties (if at all) then you may send a request for access or correction to Note that because of spammers, and spam filters employed by the firm, unless your request explains the specific reason why you think the firm has your personal information, and exactly what you would like the firm to do, your email request may be treated as spam and you will not receive a response. If your issue is important, or you do not get a response to such a request but would like one, then you should call the firm.

HOW TO CONTACTS US: Should you have other questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please email The firm’s address is: The Pietz Law Firm, 3770 Highland Ave., Suite 206, Manhattan Beach, California, 90266, (310) 424-5557.

Last updated: May 2, 2011