RightsCorp Phone Calls and Subpoenas

Are you a person you recently received a phone call or robo-call about how a company called RightsCorp has “evidence that federal law was broken on your Internet account”?  How about similar phone messages about terminating your Internet service due to copyright infringement?  Or have you recently received a letter from your Internet Service Provider explaining that RightsCorp has issued some kind of subpoena seeking information about your Internet account?  Did the documentation you received include a Declaration of Dennis Hawk per 17 USC 512(h) and/or a Subpoena similar to the foregoing links, from the Central District of California?

If so, Morgan Pietz at the Pietz Law Firm would like to speak with you.  (If you are reading this and you are a lawyer for an ISP, we would also be interested in speaking with you).

UPDATE: 9/15/14, the Dietrolldie.com website has posted an article about these cases which provides some useful information.

Relevant “miscellaneous” actions filed by RightsCorp through Dennis J. Hawk of the Business Law Group in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California appear to include the following:

2:14-mc-00093-UA In Re Subpoena to HickoryTech Corporation et al filed 02/27/14   closed 02/27/14
2:14-mc-00094-UA In Re Subpoena to Mid-Hudson Cablevision Inc et al filed 02/27/14   closed 02/27/14
2:14-mc-00095-UA In re Subpoena to Sweetwater Cable TV filed 02/27/14   closed 02/27/14
2:14-mc-00096-UA In Re Great Works Internet et al filed 02/27/14   closed 02/27/14
2:14-mc-00097-UA In re Subpoena to Splitrock Telecom Coop et al filed 02/27/14   closed 02/27/14
2:14-mc-00114-UA In re: Subpoena to Fidelity Communications Co. filed 03/25/14   closed 03/25/14
2:14-mc-00115-UA In re: Cable America Missouri, LLC filed 03/25/14   closed 03/25/14
2:14-mc-00116-UA In re: Subpoena to Arvig Enterprises, Inc. filed 03/25/14   closed 03/25/14
2:14-mc-00117-UA In re: Subpoena to City of Wilson filed 03/25/14   closed 03/25/14
2:14-mc-00127-URC In re: Subpoena to Alliance Communications filed 03/31/14   closed 03/31/14
2:14-mc-00158-UA In re: Subpoena to Alliance Communicatons filed 04/01/14   closed 04/01/14
2:14-mc-00177-UA In re: Subpoena to HTC Communications, Inc. filed 04/03/14   closed 04/03/14
2:14-mc-00188-UA In re: Subpoena to INOC, LLC filed 04/08/14   closed 04/08/14
2:14-mc-00189-UA In re: Subpoena to Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc. filed 04/08/14   closed 04/08/14
2:14-mc-00190-UA In re: Subpoena to DTC Communications, Inc. filed 04/08/14   closed 04/08/14
2:14-mc-00191-UA In re: Subpoena to Ritter Communications filed 04/08/14   closed 04/08/14
2:14-mc-00196-UA In re: Subpoena to Sage Telecom Communications LLC filed 04/16/14   closed 04/16/14
2:14-mc-00197-UA In re: Subpoena to Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation filed 04/21/14   closed 04/16/14
2:14-mc-00198-UA In re: Subpoena to Bee Line Cable filed 04/16/14   closed 04/16/14
2:14-mc-00199-UA In re: Subpoena to MINET filed 04/16/14   closed 04/16/14
2:14-mc-00200-UA In re: Subpoena to VTX Communications, LLC filed 04/16/14   closed 04/16/14
2:14-mc-00201-UA In re: Subpoena to Smithville Telephone Company, Inc. filed 04/16/14   closed 04/16/14
2:14-mc-00202-UA In re: Subpoena to NK Telco, Inc. filed 04/16/14   closed 04/16/14
2:14-mc-00236-UA In re: Subpoena to Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc. filed 04/23/14   closed 04/23/14
2:14-mc-00237-UA In re: Subpoena to Hawaiian Telcom, Inc. filed 04/23/14   closed 04/23/14
2:14-mc-00238-UA In re: Subpoena to City of Burlington filed 04/23/14   closed 04/23/14
2:14-mc-00239-UA In re: Subpoena to San Bruno Municipal Cable Television filed 04/23/14   closed 04/23/14
2:14-mc-00240-UA In re: Subpoena to Hotwire Communications, Ltd. filed 04/23/14   closed 04/23/14
2:14-mc-00251-UA In Re: Subpoena to Great Works Internet filed 04/30/14   closed 04/30/14
2:14-mc-00252-UA In Re: Subpoena to Star Wireless Inc filed 04/30/14   closed 04/30/14
2:14-mc-00253-UA In Re: Subpoena to Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc filed 04/30/14   closed 04/30/14
2:14-mc-00254-UA In Re: Subpoena to Florida Cable, Inc. filed 04/30/14   closed 04/30/14
2:14-mc-00255-UA In Re: Subpoena to Sweetwater Cable TV filed 04/30/14   closed 04/30/14
2:14-mc-00274-UA In Re: Subpoena to Great Works Internet filed 05/07/14   closed 05/07/14
2:14-mc-00275-UA In Re: Subpoena to Crestview Cable Communications filed 05/07/14   closed 05/07/14
2:14-mc-00276-UA In Re: Subpoena to Telscape Communications Inc filed 05/07/14   closed 05/07/14
2:14-mc-00277-UA In Re: Subpoena to IMON Communications LLC filed 05/07/14   closed 05/07/14
2:14-mc-00278-UA In Re: Subpoena to Enventis Corporation filed 05/07/14   closed 05/07/14
2:14-mc-00279-UA In Re: Subpoena to GLW Broadband Inc filed 05/07/14   closed 05/07/14
2:14-mc-00280-UA In Re: Subpoena to MEI Telecom Inc filed 05/07/14   closed 05/07/14
2:14-mc-00317-UA In re: Subpoena to NTS Communications, Inc. filed 05/14/14   closed 05/14/14
2:14-mc-00318-UA In re: Subpoena to Alliance Communications filed 05/14/14   closed 05/14/14
2:14-mc-00319-UA In re Subpoena to Millenium Telecom LLC filed 05/14/14   closed 05/14/14
2:14-mc-00320-UA In re: Subpoena to Mid-Hudson Cablevision, Inc. filed 05/14/14   closed 05/14/14
2:14-mc-00359-UA In Re: Subpoena to Supranet Communications Inc filed 05/21/14   closed 05/21/14
2:14-mc-00360-UA Subpoena to West Wisconsin Telcom Cooperative Inc filed 05/21/14   closed 05/21/14
2:14-mc-00361-UA In Re: Subpoena to Mid-Hudson Cablevision, Inc. filed 05/27/14   closed 05/21/14
2:14-mc-00362-UA In Re Subpoena to Emery Telecommunications & Video Inc. filed 05/21/14   closed 05/21/14
2:14-mc-00382-UA In re: Subpoena to Chester Telephone Company filed 05/29/14   closed 05/29/14
2:14-mc-00383-UA In re: Subpoena to Hart Communications, Inc. filed 05/29/14   closed 05/29/14
2:14-mc-00384-UA In re: Subpoena to West River Telecommunications Cooperative filed 05/29/14   closed 05/29/14
2:14-mc-00385-UA In re: Subpoena to Hotwire Communications, Ltd. filed 05/29/14   closed 05/29/14
2:14-mc-00386-UA In re: Subpoena to City of Wilson filed 05/29/14   closed 05/29/14
2:14-mc-00387-UA In re: Subpoena to Baldwin Telecom, Inc. filed 05/29/14   closed 05/29/14
2:14-mc-00395-UA In Re: Subpoena to West Central Wireless filed 06/06/14   closed 06/06/14
2:14-mc-00396-UA In Re: Subpoena to PrimeLink, Inc filed 06/06/14   closed 06/06/14
2:14-mc-00397-UA In Re:Subpoena to Plant Tifnet, Inc filed 06/06/14   closed 06/06/14
2:14-mc-00398-UA In Re: Subpoena to Bloomingdale Communications, Inc. filed 06/06/14   closed 06/06/14
2:14-mc-00399-UA In Re: Subpoena to MegaPath Corporation filed 06/06/14   closed 06/06/14
2:14-mc-00400-UA In Re: Subpoena to Irvine Community Television Inc filed 06/06/14   closed 06/06/14
2:14-mc-00401-UA In Re: Subpoena to Oxford Networks filed 06/06/14   closed 06/06/14
2:14-mc-00431-UA In Re: Subpeona to GVEC.net filed 06/12/14   closed 06/12/14
2:14-mc-00432-UA In Re: Subpoena to Citizens Telephone Co-Operative filed 06/12/14   closed 06/12/14
2:14-mc-00433-UA In Re: Subpoena to Arvig Enterprises Inc filed 06/12/14   closed 06/12/14
2:14-mc-00434-UA In Re: Subpoena to Tularosa Communications Inc filed 06/12/14   closed 06/12/14
2:14-mc-00470-UA In Re Subpoena to Hill Country Telephone Cooperative Inc filed 06/27/14   closed 06/27/14
2:14-mc-00471-UA In Re Subpoena to iFiber Communications Inc filed 06/27/14   closed 06/27/14
2:14-mc-00472-UA In Re: Subpoena to Cherryland Online Services filed 06/27/14   closed 06/27/14
2:14-mc-00477-UA In Re Subpoena to JAB Wireless, Inc filed 07/01/14   closed 07/01/14
2:14-mc-00478-UA In Re Subpoena to Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc. filed 07/01/14   closed 07/01/14
2:14-mc-00479-UA In Re Subpoena to Bee Line Cable filed 07/01/14   closed 07/01/14
2:14-mc-00480-UA In re: Subpoena to The City of Wadsworth filed 07/11/14   closed 07/11/14
2:14-mc-00481-UA In re: Subpoena to SpeedConnect, LLC filed 07/11/14   closed 07/11/14
2:14-mc-00482-UA In re: Subpoena to San Bruno Municipal Cable Television filed 07/11/14   closed 07/11/14
2:14-mc-00483-UA In re: Subpoena to Socket Telecom, LLC filed 07/11/14   closed 07/11/14
2:14-mc-00484-UA In re: Subpoena to City of Burlington dba Burlington Telecom filed 07/11/14   closed 07/11/14
2:14-mc-00485-UA In re: Subpoena to DTC Communications, Inc. filed 07/11/14   closed 07/11/14
2:14-mc-00584-UA In Re Subpoena to Hagray Communications Group Inc filed 07/30/14   closed 07/30/14
2:14-mc-00585-UA In Re Subpoena to Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation filed 07/30/14   closed 07/30/14
2:14-mc-00586-UA In Re Subpoena to Troy Cablevision Inc filed 07/30/14   closed 07/30/14
2:14-mc-00587-UA In Re Subpoena to Another Corporate ISP LLC filed 07/30/14   closed 07/30/14
2:14-mc-00588-UA In Re Subpoena to MTCO Communications Inc filed 07/30/14   closed 07/30/14
2:14-mc-00589-UA In Re Subpoena to Velocity Network Inc filed 07/30/14   closed 07/30/14
2:14-mc-00590-UA In Re Subpoena to Westelcom Internet Inc filed 07/30/14   closed 07/30/14
2:14-mc-00625-UA In Re: Subpoenaa to Lakefield Communications Inc filed 08/06/14   closed 08/06/14
2:14-mc-00626-UA In Re Subpoena to Advanced Communications Technology Inc filed 08/06/14   closed 08/06/14
2:14-mc-00627-UA In Re Subpoena to Grande Communications Networks LLC filed 08/06/14   closed 08/06/14
2:14-mc-00628-UA In Re Subpoena to Smart City Solutions LLC filed 08/06/14   closed 08/06/14
2:14-mc-00629-UA In Re Subpoena to Springcom, Inc. et al v. Springcom, Inc. filed 08/08/14   closed 08/08/14
2:14-mc-00630-UA In Re Subpoena to Allen’s TV Cable Service, Inc. filed 08/08/14   closed 08/08/14
2:14-mc-00631-UA In Re Subpoena to Great Plains Communications Inc filed 08/08/14   closed 08/08/14
2:14-mc-00635-UA In Re Subpoena to Greenfield Communications Inc filed 08/14/14   closed 08/14/14
2:14-mc-00636-UA In Re Subpoena to Silver Star Communications filed 08/14/14   closed 08/14/14
2:14-mc-00637-UA In Re: Subpoena to Com Net, Inc. filed 08/14/14   closed 08/14/14
2:14-mc-00638-UA In Re: Subpoena to Chickasaw Telecommunications Services, Inc. filed 08/14/14   closed 08/14/14
2:14-mc-00639-UA In Re: Subpoena to 702 Communications filed 08/14/14   closed 08/14/14
2:14-mc-00640-UA In Re: Subpoena to Summit Broadband, Inc. filed 08/14/14   closed 08/14/14
2:14-mc-00641-UA In Re: Subpoena to The Darien Telephone Co. Inc. filed 08/14/14   closed 08/14/14
2:14-mc-00643-UA In Re: Subpoena to Quadranet, Inc. filed 08/25/14   closed 08/25/14
2:14-mc-00644-UA In Re: Millry Communications, Inc. filed 08/25/14   closed 08/25/14
2:14-mc-00645-UA In Re: Toledo Telephone Co., Inc. filed 08/25/14   closed 08/25/14
2:14-mc-00646-UA In Re: Alteva, Inc. filed 08/25/14   closed 08/25/14
2:14-mc-00647-UA In Re: Full Channel, Inc. filed 08/25/14   closed 08/25/14
2:14-mc-00671-UA In Re Subpeona to Birch Communications Inc et al v. Birch Communications Inc filed 09/09/14   closed 09/09/14
2:14-mc-00672-UA In Re Subpoena to Calaveras Internet Company et al v. Calaveras Internet Company filed 09/09/14   closed 09/09/14
2:14-mc-00673-UA In Re Subpoena to Prairie Grove Telephone Company et al v. Prairie Grove Telephone Company filed 09/09/14   closed 09/09/14
2:14-mc-00674-UA In Re Subpoena to Bulloch Net, Inc et al v. Bulloch Net, Inc filed 09/09/14   closed 09/09/14
2:14-mc-00675-UA In Re Subpoena to GLW Broadband, Inc et al v. GLW Broadband, Inc filed 09/09/14   closed 09/09/14
2:14-mc-00676-UA In Re Subpoena to Selectronics Corporation et al v. Selectronics Corporation filed 09/09/14   closed 09/09/14

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