LW Systems v. Christopher Hubbard – St. Clair County Illinois 13-L-0015

The Pietz Law Firm has recently started receiving calls about a new lawsuit filed by Prenda Law in the Circuit Court of St. Clair County, Illinois.  The case is styled LW Systems v. Christopher Hubbard, Case No. 13-L-0015.

If you recently received a letter or email from your ISP about this case, please contact The Pietz Law Firm; we would like to hear from you and may be interested in representing you.  The Pietz Law Firm is very familiar with Prenda Law and has previous experience representing clients in a Prenda matter filed in St. Clair County.

LW Systems may be related to Livewire Holdings, LLC, which purports to be based out of a UPS Store in Washington, DC.

NOTE: We would caution you to NOT contact attorney Adam Urbanzcyk who is representing the “lead defendant” Christopher Hubbard in this case.  Due to potential collusion with the plaintiff, it may be that Mr. Urbanzcyk and his client Christopher Hubbard could be adverse to you.

UPDATE (Documents):

Agreed Order” in LW Systems.  The scope of this subpoena authorization is staggering.  Essentially, Prenda has been given carte blanche to issue subpoenas to hundreds of ISPs, and to then use the information however it wants, to sue anyone for anything.

Complaint in LW Systems.  The usual smattering of state law claims, most of which are completely preempted by the Copyright Act.  Another attempt to avoid federal court.

Having reviewed these, The Pietz Law Firm is inclined to get involved in this action.

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