The Pietz Law Firm Leads Charge Against Malibu Media Subpoena in California

The Pietz Law Firm recently filed a motion to sanction Malibu Media, LLC for its repeated failures and subsequent refusal to file Notices of Related Cases in the 28+ cases it has filed in the Central District of California so far this year.  For copies of the motion papers, with all the details, click here (zip file): 2-12-cv-03614-GHK-E.

Stay tuned for updates on the results of this motion.

For a little more background on Malibu Media, and the many lawsuits it has filed this year in California (over 60) and in many other places across the country (200+ total lawsuits nationwide), some useful info is here.  Also be sure to check out and

If you recently received a letter from your ISP regarding a subpoena, saying that Malibu Media wants to sue you, you should read this article by attorney Morgan E. Pietz.

If Malibu Media is threatening you with a lawsuit, The Pietz Law Firm can help.  If you have been harassed by settlement Malibu Media’s “negotiators,” The Pietz Law Firm is interested in hearing your story.

Read more about Piets Law and the Malibu Media Settlement.

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