Prenda Appeal – John Doe’s Answering Brief

APRIL 2014 UPDATE: The Court of Appeals granted Doe’s motion to exceed the page limit in part.  The Revised Answering Brief on the Merits, which has now been accepted by the Court, is available here: 36 – John Doe’s Revised Answering Brief on Merits

The Pietz Law Firm is pleased to report that on behalf of John Doe, it has filed its Answering Brief On The Merits, and related Request For Judicial Notice, in the Prenda appeal currently pending before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (CA9 No. 13-55859).  This is the appeal of Ingenuity 13, LLC v. John Doe, C.D. Cal. No. 12-cv-8333, the “Star Trek” copyright troll sanctions case before Judge Wright.

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